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Tilted Chair Client Partner BigCommerce Goes Public

By Jamie Rodriguez on Aug. 07, 2020

“UP AND TO THE RIGHT.” That's the concept behind BigCommerce's logo and brand. And with the innovative tools they offer…

Black Lives Matter

By Jamie Rodriguez on Aug. 06, 2020

THREE SIMPLE WORDS WITH A LOT OF POWER. Now, we join that powerful chorus in demanding change. We at Tilted…

Functional Design vs. Brand Design

By Jamie Rodriguez on Jul. 31, 2020

Brand systems are all the rage these days, and for good reason. Well-conceived and well-executed brand systems allow designers, developers,…

Branding Beyond 2020: The Human Method

By Erik Hernandez on Jun. 30, 2020

IN TODAY'S DIGITAL AGE, consumers can pretty much buy anything, at anytime, from anywhere. So what makes someone choose one…

The Times That Define Us

By Jamie Rodriguez on Mar. 27, 2020

Over the course of recent months, we at Tilted Chair—like many of you and probably most of the rest of…

Marketing in a Recession

By Jamie Rodriguez on Mar. 02, 2020

It's a word that no one wants to say, hear, or think about: recession. Like wizards gasping at the utterance…