This is it, the money-maker. We’re experts at taking that sweet-spot strategy, and developing award-winning, attention-magnetized big ideas around it.


Campaign Development

Once the strategy is set, that’s when the fun starts. Our crack creative team takes the bulletproof strategy, and comes up with groundbreaking creative concepts to get the message to your target audience in a compelling, unique, and memorable way. Lead by a creative director, our ideation sessions comprise a gathering of experts from every department within the agency to ensure a truly dynamic mix of perspectives. This uniquely collaborative approach to concepting always lands a big idea our clients and their customers love—and respond to.


Art Direction + Design

Logos, print ads, icons, illustrations, collateral, identity design: our graphics team has never met a visual challenge it couldn’t surmount. We employ a unique “start-with-your-hands” approach to design that ensures the humanity behind your brand always takes center stage. Concept is king at Tilted Chair, and our design team collaborates to ensure every proposed visual solution is ownable, compelling, unique, and on-brand.



If you’ve read this far into the website, you’ve no doubt noticed we’ve a way with words over here at Tilted Chair. And that’s by design. Our copywriters are experts at taking a creative strategy, and then capturing your brand’s human truth in simple, elegant, and unforgettable terms. Our experienced roster of linguists have crafted copy for billion-dollar brands and well-funded start-ups, a breadth of experience which has prepared us for pretty much any messaging challenge.