Art Direction/Design

“Whenever I was presented with a challenge that brought up feelings of fear or self-doubt, I almost always said, ‘Yes’.”


Giorgie is a native Texan with a passion for art, creativity and a well-brewed cup of joe. An Austinite since 2001, Giorgie attended Austin Community College where she was introduced to graphic design. “I discovered I had been an amateur designer since my early teenage years. Turns out, the choir T-shirts and the birthday invitations I loved making could become a career!”


When she’s not fixing up groundbreaking designs in Adobe Illustrator, you can find Giorgie listening to Steely Dan, drinking sour beers, lounging with her pets and being creative in any way possible, from cooking to crafting and beyond.


If Giorgie were a (tilted) chair, she would be a hand-shaped chair because she loves funny, novelty things.