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Black History Bike Ride

How do you tell the story of a movement?

The Ask

Some projects are as inspiring as they are important. Such was the case with Black History Bike Ride, one inspired Austinite’s passion project to tell the story of Austin’s black communities—all from the saddle of his bike.

We were introduced to the part-time historian Talib Abdullahi by our good friends over at Bicycle Sport Shop. It only took a couple of meetings and the sparks were flying. The project? Help turn Talib’s viral bike ride and history lesson into something more permanent and scalable.

The Brand

Early on, it was clear that this wasn’t a project we could tackle alone. So, we hit up the wildly talented Terran Washington to help us think through the brand. To get things started, we developed a responsive identity system that combined a reverence for the past with an eager embrace of the future.

A Native Experience

Next, we turned our attention to the website. Thinking through use cases, it was apparent that users would most frequently access the site from their mobile devices. (Hopefully while taking a break during a ride.) So, we designed mobile first, an app-like experience that’s as slick as they come. The site can be viewed here.