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Fossil Creek Tree Farm

How do you help someone realize a vision?

Growing a business the old-fashioned way

For more than a decade, Terra Richards and her husband had been running a beloved business called Fossil Creek Tree Farm. Located in Ft. Worth, these two Texans had built a family business on shared values and the best trees around.

In 2022, they found themselves in need of a rebrand. And as businesses in need of rebrands often do, they found their way into the open arms of Tilted Chair.

When we first met with Terra, we encountered a client who was passionate yet frustrated. She’d already gone through multiple rounds of rebranding efforts with other vendors, and they just hadn’t quite nailed it. And with the prospect of her husband running around the tree farm shirtless, the pressure was on.

Through close collaboration and with a keen listening ear, Tilted Chair shepherded Fossil Creek through the rebrand process, and landed on a visual identity that told the couple’s unique story, depicted a compelling brand identity, and built in plenty of room to grow.