How do you use AI to improve healthcare?

What's CDI?

Clinical. Documentation. Improvement. It’s a hot field within healthcare, and the focus of the AI innovators over at Iodine. But what is it? CDI describes the process of optimizing patient data to improve healthcare outcomes, data quality, and reimbursement accuracy. Translation for hospitals and caregivers? Make gains in CDI, and you’ll make gains everywhere else.


In the world of CDI, Iodine Software has been at it longer than almost anyone. And they recognized the power of AI long ago, developing a proprietary machine-learning technology that triages cases with the greatest opportunity for improvement. That’s a long-winded way of saying: Iodine’s software transforms a CDI specialist’s job.


Great, so what’s the problem? Well, CDI is big business, which means big competitors. The fine folks—and robots—over at Iodine contacted Tilted Chair to help build out a brand to suit its innovative technology solutions, and better equip it to compete within the CDI arena.


CDI specialists face many challenges, not the least of which is to prioritize cases. They have to try to make sense of the multitudes of data that comprise their cases to decide which ones to focus their attention on. It’s a lot like looking into the night sky and trying to navigate based on celestial bodies. Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a north star guiding you on your journey? For CDI specialists, Iodine is that north star, lighting a path toward the cases with the greatest potential for improvement. We collaborated with Iodine through our unique archetyping branding process and landed on the Magician—the CDI companion that transforms, illuminates, and clarifies.


Bringing clarity to care—what a perfectly suited position for a magician like Iodine to occupy. We leveraged this groundbreaking idea into a brand overhaul, including messaging, typography, and other brand elements. Ultimately, the new brand came to life in the form of an animated video and a class-leading website, the two crown jewels of our collaboration.



  • Brand Positioning
  • Messaging Architecture



  • Animation


  • Brand/Identity Design
  • Art Direction/Design
  • Copywriting


  • Web Design
  • Web Development