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Sendero Homes

How do you elevate a dream home builder’s brand?

The Ask

Sendero Homes builds dream homes. As in, “I never want to leave this place again” dream homes. On top of that, they had a library of some of the best luxury home photography you’ve ever seen. The catch? They had a fixer-upper website that wasn’t doing their brand, process, or products any favors. It wasn’t even really something they considered as an important piece of their marketing tools.

So, as any good Austin-based business looking for website help would do, they turned to the keen eye of Tilted Chair to help them up-level their brand, and transform their website from a liability into a real marketing asset.

The result was transformational. Suddenly, Sendero Homes had a home on the web every bit as beautiful and inviting as the abodes they so skillfully crafted.

Focusing In

As always, the design phase of our process began with style tiles.

What are those? Well, imagine what would happen if a moodboard and a high-fidelity homepage mock-up had a baby. That’s a style tile.

With this much room to play with the brand—basically everything but the logo—we channeled our inner luxury home shopper.

We combined refined typography with a clever and sophisticated color palette that drew out the warmth of Sendero’s excellent residential photography.

Pixel Perfection

With our new look, we started designing. We applied the new brand to the web interface in such a way that allowed the photography to take center stage, but that was supported with elegant UI elements that made for an inspiring and upscale web experience.

We spent the majority of our time and attention focusing on the Inspiration Gallery, as we’d learned this is where most of Sendero’s prospects spent their time.