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Southside Market

How do you tell the story of a Texas legend?

The Ask

Identify Southside’s unique and historic spirit, and then spread the word.


Assessing The Ask

Q: There’s a lot of good barbeque in Texas. What’s special about Southside?
A: History: founded in 1882, Southside is unquestionably the oldest barbeque joint in Texas.

The Angle

We toured the meat packing plant, teared up in the smoke room, poured over old newspaper clippings, and of course, ate. A LOT. And then, it dawned on us.


The BBQ That Started Texas BBQ

You see, when you’re the oldest barbeque joint in a state known for its barbeque, well, that’s something special. Southside’s history was its most valuable asset, and we intended to tell that story to anyone who would listen.

Spreading The Word

The campaign objectives ranged from “butts in seats” to customer education. We addressed them all, in award-winning fashion.

Services Provided


Brand Positioning

Messaging Architecture


Campaign Development

Art Direction/Design



Media Planning

Media Management


Video Production

Product & Food Photography