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How do you make fine art accessible?


Street art meets fine art

If you haven’t been paying attention to the street art scene lately, it’s safe to say that it’s gone mainstream, moving off the streets and into the galleries.

Take West Chelsea Contemporary, for example: back in late 2019, they were fresh off a rebrand and looking for innovative and effective ways of selling street art in Austin (and eventually, NYC). So owners Gary Seals and Lisa Russell reached out to Tilted Chair for a full-service partnership: branding, advertising, and everything in between.

The ensuing two and a half years saw Tilted Chair and West Chelsea collaborate on some of the coolest and freshest work Austin’s art scene had ever seen.


We. Did. It. All.

When we say we did it all, we mean it: brand design, print design, digital design, even wheat paste posters. As WCC’s full-service advertising agency of record, we collaborated daily to constantly push the envelope of what it means to market a fine art gallery. Our media department continually innovated with strategic and unique placements, our creatives approached the challenge with a restless energy, and our account executives managed the whole thing.

A groundbreaking exhibition for the digital generation.


Digital is the new street

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NFTs. Digital art. The next generation of creativity.


Digital is the new street

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Brand Standards

Did we mention branding? Well, here ya go.

The brand we helped WCC develop could only be described as an exercise in technical detail. We defined everything, ensuring that future marketers would have no questions—and only strategic, well thought-out answers—to how the brand should be composed across myriad media and promotional channels.

Services Provided


Brand Positioning

Messaging Architecture


Campaign Development

Art Direction/Design



Media Planning

Media Management


Product Photography