Case Study

ZT Systems

How do you make cloud computing human?


What does ZT Systems do? Put simply, they make the internet go. Put less simply, they conceive, design, and develop hyperscale cloud compute data storage networks for some of the world’s largest technology companies. And they had a problem: their hodgepodge brand wasn’t doing their cutting-edge technological aptitude any favors. Worse yet, the organization lacked a clear defining purpose. They came to Tilted Chair for help.


The first step in helping define an organization is understanding, a piece of the process we take very seriously. So, we hopped on a plane to Secaucus, New Jersey. We spent three days speaking with executives, engineers, and factory workers—we got IN to cloud computing. By the end of the trip, we felt pretty confident we could set up our own Tilted Chair data center. Immersion status: immersed.


With the stage set for our unique branding and positioning process, we kicked things off. And then we landed on something big.


As social animals, connection is something we all crave. It’s in our DNA. To what higher calling might an organization aspire than the facilitation of connection between people? Did we really just take something as sterile and seemingly lifeless as server farms, and give it a compelling, relatable, human wrapper? Yes. Yes, we did.


With the big idea in place, Tilted Chair helped ZT Systems develop a sophisticated messaging architecture tailored to its nuanced audiences.


Orange was already a part of the ZT brand suite, but we intended to make it stand for something. We identified the potential of this unique attribute and made it something only ZT could own. We even pulled all the color from the branding photography to ensure the hue would command the attention it deserved.


ZT was advancing human connection in an increasingly digital world, and as such, the website had a lot to live up to. Luckily, we’re an agency not easily deterred. (See our “be fearless” guiding principle.) We built ZT Systems a website that would announce this new purpose to the world in an innovative, compelling, and responsive fashion.


Few occasions—and few clients, for that matter—afford the opportunity to craft something truly meaningful; something more than an advertising campaign, or a slogan. ZT Systems represented just such an occasion. Our work with ZT Systems cast the cloud compute expert in a completely new light, a collaboration that laid the groundwork not for the next fiscal quarter, but for the next quarter century.



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  • Messaging Architecture



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