“Take every single project, even if it’s something you’ve done before, make it special, make it new and try to top yourself every time.”

Hua, one of the original founders of Tilted Chair, is our dual-edged sword. With nine years of expertise in both advertising and film, he has been the fearless leader of our production department.

When he is not composing shots or adjusting the lighting on set, he is staying up-to-date on the most current production trends to stay inspired. He also enjoys riding motorcycles, taking photos and playing with his shy, kleptomaniac greyhound, Ana.

Hua defines taking a “human approach” as telling a very basic story that touches people and hopefully, changes the way that they see something.

If Hua were a (tilted) chair, he would be an Eames Lounger because it is classy but also laid back.