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Moviehouse & Eatery

How do you challenge the champion of the movie theater biz?

By The Numbers


Average return on a dollar spent with Tilted Chair


Annual e-commerce revenue


Facebook audience as of Spring 2018


Additional theaters launched in six years

The Ask

Brand, launch, and promote an upscale dine-in movie theater capable of challenging Alamo Drafthouse. Sound like a tall task? Well, with only 6 months separating us and the launch of Moviehouse’s first location, we knew we couldn’t sit around and stew about it. So we got to work.

Addressing The Ask

Q: How do you communicate that our movie-going experience is better than the rest?
A: You position yourself as something different entirely.


Building Out The Brand

It’s funny how easily key messages and visual designs flow from a great big idea. But that’s exactly what happened with Moviehouse.

Makes The Movies Better

Moviehouse has it all: reclining leather seats, a scratch-made kitchen, and little-black-dress quality cocktails. The key insight pretty much wrote itself.

The Website

We built a website complete with a custom e-commerce check out experience that was truly spectrum-defining. And of course, fully responsive.

Going Live

Roll out the red carpet: Moviehouse was ready for its big premiere.


Sustaining Success

It’s not hard to make your first blockbuster. But a great sequel? That’s what we were tasked with as we helped launch 3 more movie theaters in the next 3 years. We developed an evolving, long-term media plan aimed at equipping our client with the tools it needs to launch and scale in other markets. Comprehensive analytics, monthly campaigns across multiple channels, and a consistent delivery of voice and visuals all lend to M&E’s ongoing success.

The Results

We could pump up the results of our work with flowery but vague sounding language. We find something concrete to be more illustrative: we helped turn the vapor of a business idea—one whose success or failure would hinge largely on the quality of its marketing—into a $100 million dollar business in about five years. We’ll just let that marinate.

Services Provided


Brand Positioning

Messaging Architecture


Brand/Identity Design

Campaign Development

Art Direction/Design



Video Production

Product & Food Photography



Media Planning

Media Management


Web Design

Web Development

Custom API Development