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Torchy’s Tacos

How do you sell a s%*! load of tacos?

Gettin' Torched

Torchy’s Tacos was in search of a partner that understood the difference between advertising and “damn good” communications. Luckily, we don’t mind swearing.

1. Some Like It Hot

Task #1: Stoke excitement for four super hot tacos during August’s Some Like It Hot Month.

Campaign Results

Hotter than the tacos


Kinds of super hot tacos


Hot tacos sold in 30 days


User-generated social posts


Increase in social activity


Assessing the Ask

Q: What are spicy food lovers looking for?

A: After some social listening research, we discovered people who like spicy food love a challenge. I smell a double-dog dare!

Torchy's Does Denver

Task #2: After the success of SLIH, Torchy’s asked Tilted Chair to help launch its Denver location, their very first store outside the Lone Star State.


Building Excitement

What if we built a microsite that was as entertaining as it was informative? Welcome to TorchysDoesDenver.com. And of course queso-capped mountains. Because, cheese.

Content Creation

We matched weekly construction updates with animated GIFs, and hilarity ensued.

Tilted Done Did It

People talked. Lines formed. Stomachs filled. Our job was done.

3. Tacos in Waco

Task #3: Torchy’s in Waco had a wayfinding problem. Tilted Chair has waze of solving those. (See what we did there?)

Campaign Results


Waze actions


To-location navigations


ROI (based on $12 ticket average)


Very happy client


What's Waze?

If you’ve been getting around with paper maps over the last five years, Waze is the Google-owned jewel of new-age navigation apps. Waze aggregates traffic data real-time, and then helps users find the most efficient route to get to their destination. Tilted Chair activated Waze ads in combination with billboards along I-35 to help hungry highway-goers get to Torchy’s. And it worked. Like, REALLY worked.

Services Provided


Campaign Development

Art Direction/Design



Web Design

Web Development


Video Production

Food Photography



Media Planning

Media Management