Quick, think of your top three favorite brands.

Why do you love these brands? Is it solely due to their functionality or is there a deeper meaning?

Brands are not inanimate objects, they’re in fact people, like you and me, with personalities, motivations, and even fears. That’s why we feel so connected to them, we invite them into our homes, and we freak out if they leave our lives.

Post Copy: *All of Austin Panics*

Think about it. Coca-Cola did not become a household name because of its brown, sugary liquid. Coca-Cola became iconic because it symbolizes something greater, something purer—the optimism that is America.

In fact, Coca-Cola first made its name as an alcohol replacement for soldiers during World War II. It was said that Dwight D. Eisenhower sent 3 million bottles to U.S. troops in order to keep their spirits alive. And even the president of Coca-Cola dropped down the price saying, “Every man in uniform gets a bottle of Coca-Cola for five cents, wherever he is, and whatever it costs the company.”

 IMAGE: 1940’s Coca-Cola ad

Then post war, Coca-Cola rode the wave of optimism and prosperity that spread across America, leaving its mark as a brand that embodies the freedom to be you and me. To this day, Coca-Cola still stands for enjoying the simple pleasures that all Americans have come to expect from the land of the free.

IMAGE: 2016 Coca-Cola ad

Coke and every world-class brand from Starbucks to Southwest Airlines have one thing in common: Archetypes.

Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, uncovered 12 universal personalities. Each personality or archetype has its own set of values, fears, beliefs and goals. In fact, Coca-Cola is the Innocent. An archetype that stands for going back to basics and living on the brightside of life.

Coca-Cola and other iconic brands use archetypes to help consumers connect and relate to them. And once you understand the archetypal power of your brand, marketing becomes more simple.

This article is just the first of a series where we demonstrate how great agencies use archetypes to create world-class brands.

We will begin the journey with the four motivational houses that the 12 personalities fall under. And in order to add a human face to the personalities, we will feature famous Texans to help tell the story.

The House of Belonging is all about connection. And each archetype has their own distinct way of bringing people together and making them feel part of something bigger.
The Everyman via reminding people that everyone is equal
The Jester via helping people have a good time
The Lover via helping people give and find love

The House of Stability is all about bringing structure to the world. And each archetype has their own distinct way of exerting control on the world around them.
The Creator via bringing their imagination to life
The Caregiver via taking care of others in need
The Ruler via establishing rules and standards

The House of Mastery is all about leaving a thumbprint on the world. And each archetype takes great personal risks in order to change their realities.
The Outlaw via going against the grain
The Hero via triumphing over evil
The Magician via transforming the world around them

The House of Yearning for Paradise is all about the search for the perfect world. And each archetype finds paradise in their own way.
The Sage via the pursuit of knowledge
The Explorer via being nomadic and trying all of life’s pleasures
The Innocent via living on the bright side of life

What’s your brand’s North Star? Let Tilted Chair Creative help you uncover your brand’s personality and together we’ll tell a great story.

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