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Casoro Group

How do you build a house of gold?

The Ask

Develop a brand and website for one of Austin’s fastest-growing real estate development and management companies.

About Casoro

In 2003, Casoro launched in Seattle, Washington as PPA Group, an ambitious multifamily-focused commercial real estate firm. After moving headquarters to Austin, Texas—and landing on INC. Magazine’s annual ranking of the Fastest Growing Real Estate Companies a couple of years in a row—PPA was quickly realizing that their aspirations had outgrown their brand. So, they turned to Tilted Chair for a little help.

A House of Gold

Along with a brand overhaul, PPA Group was looking at a rename as well. The PPA team brought us a fascinating idea that drove the creative direction of everything that followed: what if we called the new brand Casa de oro, or “House of Gold” in Spanish? The concept was sound both from a philosophical as well as a linguistic perspective. So, we ran with it and started building out the brand. It wasn’t long before we struck gold.

A Shiny New Website

When it came to the website, the client had one simple request: make us look amazing. (You can view the live amazingness by clicking here.)