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How do you share something real?

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The Ask

What do you do when you’re an ice cream brand at the front-end of a hockey stick-growth period and you want to do something more interesting than standard sampling to help get the word out? Well, if you’re NadaMoo!—Austin’s dairy-free ice cream good guys—you turn to Tilted Chair and our experiential production team.

The Plan

NadaMoo!’s internal marketing team is one of the best in the business. And in early 2019, we all collaborated closely to conceive of, plan, and execute a cross country ice cream sampling tour. The plan was simple: come up with a super cool idea, brand the hell out of some kind of mobile pop-up experience, and visit as many cities as possible in about a month.

Share Something Real

The beauty of NadaMoo!’s dairy-free deliciousness starts with real: real organic coconuts, real agave syrup, and a real mission toward a more wholesome and sustainable future—not the kind of stuff that should only be shared digitally. Which gave us an idea: what if we encouraged people to put down the devices and connect over some creamy, delicious, dairy-free ice cream? What if we shared something real for once?

Building The Kit

The requirements were simple: the experience needed to be easy to break down and set up and it needed to provide a great first impression for ice cream aficionados who were new to the brand. We pulled out all the stops in bringing the idea to life, including hand-lettering, super fun copywriting, large-format graphics, social assets, a branded ice cream tricycle, and even a big ass coconut chair. Ice cream lovers of the world: we are clear for launch.

Road Trip!

At this point, the only thing left to do was hit the road. So, our all-star event producer took the wheel and got moving. The pit stops: 9 cities across 8 states (and a district) over the course of 30 days. You kids keep it down back there!

Social Sharing

Everywhere we went, the social chatter followed. We hooked up with other vegan warriors at each of the tour stops to ensure we never missed an opportunity to connect with likeminded influencers.