How do you get people pumped for payday?



Improved CTR Versus General Acquisition Campaign


Improvement in Conversion Rate Over Old Campaign


Accounts Opened/Cards Ordered


Impressions Across the Whole Campaign

The Ask

Netspend is one of the nation’s leaders in prepaid debit cards. And they had a problem: their direct deposit enrollment rates were stagnating. So they turned to the creative heroes at Tilted Chair to get that trend pointed in the other direction. The ask? Get the “unbanked” and families who face unrelenting monthly expenses to sign up for a Netspend prepaid debit card and enroll in direct deposit. But how? One word: paaaayyydaaaaaayy!

An Expansive Digital Campaign

The full gamut of Tilted Chair’s creative and production capabilities were utilized to build out this colorful and exciting campaign. We conceived of and then produced three super fun videos for paid social distribution. We also delivered ads of virtually every size for display and affiliate placement alongside a new email template, web page, and web banner. When we say “expansive,” we mean it.

Payday tastes good. PAAAYYYDDAAAAYYYY tastes even better!!!


Double Your Payday

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Sit. Lay down. Roll over. Okay, now do double payday. Good boy!

Double Your Payday

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What's sweeter than payday? Payday x2!

Double Your Payday

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The campaign performed beautifully, generating exactly the surge in new account openings the client was looking for. Relative to the old campaign, click-through rates were up by 29%, conversions increased by 39%, and nearly 3,000 new customers opened accounts. The campaign was so successful, it ran through the fall and into the winter holidays.

Services Provided


  • Video Production
  • Editing/Animation


  • Campaign Concepting
  • Art Direction/Design
  • Copywriting